Welcome to the new Carriage House Door Company Dealer Website!  We are excited to present you with this new tool to assist you in the sales of our Carriage House Doors.  We have gone through what seems like an eternity to create and deliver this site, but we feel its well worth it!  With the advent of new technology we felt that we needed to update what many are facing today, the need for “instant information”.  Times, they are a changin’ and at Carriage House Door Company we recognize the need to keep up.

            Our goal through this site is to help you, our dealers, be able to provide your clientele with on-site pricing and door drawings.  With smartphones, laptops and tablets we now have the ability to provide a convenient sales environment at the point of contact. So, however you and your customer interact with each other, whether via phone, email, customer’s home or store front, you will be able to provide the items needed to close the sale.

            This site is provided as a supplemental tool and does not replace contacting us direct for quotes.  Of course if you still have any further questions we will be available to assist you.  As with all new changes come learning curves and as time progresses we hope to be able to update this site with more customizations.  Any feedback you provide will assist us in meeting these changes.

            We want to thank you for your continued support of Carriage House Door Company and we look forward to working with you in the future!


            The Entire Staff of the



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